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National LED Light Day Affords a Sales Opportunity, and More Dates to Look Forward to in October

Plus, World Mental Health Day is a chance to share resources with your employees.




7 Would you believe there’s a NATIONAL LED LIGHT DAY? It’s celebrated today to mark the date in 2014 that three Japanese scientists received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of blue LEDs. Why not choose today for a little extra promotion of LED signs?

WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY is observed globally on

10 The stories of recent sports figures struggling with their mental health raised the profile of this issue. Take the opportunity to share resources on mental health with your employees or donate signage to a community event.

22 is NATIONAL MAKE A DOG’S DAY. Founded in 2015 by automaker Subaru and the ASPCA, since its launch, #MakeADogsDay has reached 68 million people and helped find homes for over one million dogs.

31 is not only Halloween; it’s also NATIONAL CARAMEL APPLE DAY. Though the days of caramel apples being given out as Halloween treats are long gone, make or buy some to bring into the company. Eating them is definitely worth the struggle!


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