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The Big Dates for May

National Small Business week and other key events to track.




1-31 If you’re in the graphics business, you can never have enough real estate customers. May is NATIONAL MOVING MONTH, a good time to prospect for local real estate agents (especially all those new agencies continually popping up). Send a happy National Moving Month message, along with a portfolio of your relevant projects.

2-8 Make sure you have a local presence during NATIONAL SMALL BUSINESS WEEK. Remind customers of the importance of buying from a local business instead of the national chains. Also, contact your local Chamber of Commerce to see what events they have planned, and how your business can be involved.

12 On NATIONAL RECEPTIONISTS DAY, hit local businesses with a flyer and a small, but thoughtful gift for the office administrator. (How about a branded stress ball?) In many small businesses, these are the people making rush decisions on signs and promotional graphics. Getting your business on their radar can pay big dividends.

28 It’s NATIONAL HAMBURGER DAY and a perfect day to haul the Broil King to the office and kick off summer by grilling up some cheeseburgers for the team.



Introducing the Sign Industry Podcast

The Sign Industry Podcast is a platform for every sign person out there — from the old-timers who bent neon and hand-lettered boats to those venturing into new technologies — we want to get their stories out for everyone to hear. Come join us and listen to stories, learn tricks or techniques, and get insights of what’s to come. We are the world’s second oldest profession. The folks who started the world’s oldest profession needed a sign.

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