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Very Few Sign Companies Promote Their Sustainable Practices

DO YOU OR DON’T YOU: The reasons for that vary, as our Brain Squad explains.





Do you promote your sign company’s sustainable practices to customers?

Yes: 17%

  • We let customers know that we recycle a large percentage of our waste and that we use materials with recycled content because it is part of how we run our business and it is important to many of our customers. — Vince Cvijanovic, Graphic Components, Greensboro, NC
  • It sometimes can save them dollars. Sustainable practices are also part of our company culture. — Steven Carpenter, Archetype, Minneapolis
  • Use in sales pitches. — Kelly Hanaway, Milwaukee Sign Co., Sussex, WI

No: 83%

  • Not an issue with my customers. — Bill Ryan, Ryan-Markland Signs Inc., Inverness, FL
  • Vinyl is not a sustainable product. — Raychel O’Donoghue, Lexington Signs & Graphics, Burlington, MA
  • Hard to quantify and prove. — Greg Abbott, Abbott Image Solutions, Wilmington, OH
  • It’s never a topic anyone has brought up. — Geoff Orlick, Quality Designs Ltd., Campbell River, BC, Canada

  • We don’t do enough to make it worth promoting. — Michael Johnson, Henry Graphics Inc., Buford, GA
  • We don’t make any serious efforts and don’t want to pretend that we do by greenwashing. — David Gonzalez, Skymark Signs, Toronto
  • Unfortunately, we haven’t fully implemented sustainability throughout the business, but we plan to keep trying. — Jamie Potvin, Metro Sign & Awning, Tewksbury, MA


Which, if any, of the following sustainable efforts does your sign company practice?

Reducing landfill waste through recycling, composting or compacting
Reusing old materials in construction
Reusing old materials in other ways (e.g., boxes for packaging)
Recycling scrap from shop and other items (cans, bottles, paper)
Recycling materials from old signs from the field
Saving electricity on lighting (LEDs, natural light)
Saving electricity in other ways (e.g., using laptops vs. desktops)
Other (heating/cooling shop project areas only, using latex water-based inks and paints)


Which of the following best describes your feeling toward sustainability?

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