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When and Why Sign Companies Fire Their Customers

Do you or don't you: Plus, what shops wish new customers would appreciate most when ordering.





Do you occasionally but semi-regularly drop any customers?

Yes: 63%

  • Problem clients, too pushy, rude, inappropriate behavior. — Thomas Nance, Signarama Downtown, Louisville, KY
  • Want stuff too cheaply or too fast of a turnaround. — Michael van der Melen, The Media Works, Norwood, ON, Canada
  • The client that keeps asking for more changes and doesn’t want to pay. — Gwen Snow, Innovative Sign Systems, Vista, CA
  • As we evolve, some project types no longer make business sense, so we try to point clients with these types to suitable sources. — Scott Muller, Trademark Visual Inc., Phoenix
  • We’ve moved on from customers if they’re constantly beating us up on pricing and have unrealistic expectations. — Jamie Potvin, Metro Sign & Awning, Tewksbury, MA
  • I have learned that some customers will never be satisfied no matter what. The headaches aren’t worth the profit. — Rob Tafflock, Tafflock Signs & Graphics, East Northport, NY

No: 37%

  • All customers are salvageable but it is up to the company to make them good customers. — Louis Desantis, Sign Shop Illuminated, Colorado Springs, CO
  • We have dropped customers, but that is under circumstances where they feel they can treat us poorly over and over. — Angela Goffstown, Boyd Sign Systems, Englewood, CO
  • When we can/should, we will fire customers for combining a few bad traits like slow pay, constant complaining, not nice to work with, etc. — Bobby Lynett, Pa Signs, Scranton, PA
  • Firing a client is rarely done but it has happened. It’s easier to just raise our pricing to weed difficult clients out. — Ken Davidson, Davidson & Co., Marietta, GA
  • Not really, but we definitely should. — Corey Shano, Associated Sign Co., Phoenix


What does a customer have to do for you to “fire” them? (Check all that apply.)

Orders have fallen below a minimum
Consistently late or slow to pay
Excessive changes for jobs
Rude or pushy with you or your team
Disrespectful to you or your team
Other (everything’s a rush, dishonest, price shop my drawing)


What do you wish new customers would understand or appreciate most when ordering signs?

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