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Readers Positive Feedback , and More Reader Comments from Our June Issue

“You always seem to have something for everyone! Keep it coming!”




June Reflections

  • I personally struggle with an extreme anxiety and panic disorder that can be completely physically and/or mentally debilitating at times. I have explored hundreds of drugs (prescribed), treatments, therapy, counseling, etc., with minimal to no consistent relief. I don’t know of any valuable advice to share other than to be self aware, strong, share your struggles, and develop a strong support system personally and professionally. — Jonathan Elam, Creative Sign Solutions Inc., Statesville, NC

More On May

  • We were featured [on the cover of] the May issue. We received calls from our direct competitors congratulating us on the article. This is why I love the sign industry: the sense of community and pride in the craft. — Nicole Bergstrom, SmithCraft Signs, Phoenix
  • I liked your article on color management in the May edition (see St, May 2023). So often this becomes an argument point between production and sales. — Adam Montoya, Image360 South Bay-Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, CA

What’s New?

  • I just came back from a big tradeshow/convention and one of the questions I’ve been asked a couple of times is, “What’s new in signs?” Curious how other folks are answering that question. — Mike McClure, Ad Art, San Francisco

Editor’s note: For “Hot Products from the Isa Expo,” click here.

Rat Trap

  • Had a friend-subcontractor recently refurbish a large pole sign. New faces, new pole skirts, new lamps and wiring. Two days later the whole sign caught fire and destroyed all of the faces due to rats that were living in one of the sign cans with new pole skirts. They could no longer get out and started chewing the wire. — Jeffrey Cross, Cross Signs, Seminole, FL

What ‘Stuff’ Exactly?

  • Curious what marketing swag companies use, and find most effective and well received from customers. — Rochelle Letourneau, Security Signs, Portland, OR

Positive Feedback

  • You always seem to have something for everyone! Keep it coming! — Cindy Gillihan, Gilly’s Super Signs, Placerville, CA
  • As always, I enjoy your magazine. Continued success. — Nancy Wilde, Wilde Signs, Vernon, BC, Canada

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