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This Sign Pro Makes the Most of His 30-Minute Commute

Greg Abbott uses his time in the car to shift his mental gears.




Greg Abbott
Abbott Image Solutions | Wilmington, OH

Work-life balance for Greg is not so much a balance, but a tension to live in. “I fully believe in living an integrated life, which means work is part of who I am and what I do,” he says. “Building a family that lives life to the fullest requires all of me.” Greg’s wife Megan and boys (11 and 14 years old) enjoy a dedicated family Friday fun night every week, but they also know what his work requires, and they allow him to navigate his time as needed. Greg regularly starts the day with his family through working out, breakfast and conversation. He prepares for work prior to leaving the house and during his 30-minute commute, and does the same on the way home before rejoining his family. These prep times allow Greg to “shift gears,” he says, to be the business owner or family man his business, clients, teammates and family deserve.

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