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63% of Sign Brain Squad Wants More Time and Money for Marketing

DO YOU OR DON’T YOU: Ten marketing options and their respective rates of use.





Do you think your company invests enough time and money on marketing?

Yes: 37%

  • We take marketing very seriously. Having a strong local and regional presence is essential. — Alexandra Lund, Bismarck Sign Co, Bismarck, ND
  • We have a dedicated marketing team member. Often overlooked, marketing is one key area of business to invest in. While it is hard to gauge the ROI, one of the benefits is consistent brand exposure. — Shaun Ensign, Legacy Sign Group, Westville, IN
  • We actively run social media, Google pay per click campaigns, email campaigns and donate sign packages for community events. — Karrie Brock, Fastsigns of Toledo And Maume, OH
  • We write blogs every month, which consist of copywriting, video, photo and graphic layout; and feed our email newsletters, social blasts and press releases. Some we do in house and we have an outside agency do the rest. — Adam Brown, Sign Effectz, Milwaukee

No: 63%

  • Would love to hire a dedicated marketing team member, but as of now there are various people handling marketing roles a few hours per week (max). — Dominic Tancredi, Woodshed Stage Art, Cleveland, OH
  • No one has the time to do it. — William Zeininger, Fox Stamp, Sign & Apparel, Menasha, WI
  • We cut back during COVID and it was a huge mistake. We are rebuilding our marketing efforts through direct mail and SEO. — Charles Counts, Crownmax Inc., Dunbar, WV
  • It’s always a challenge. We want more sales but the cost of marketing is very high to launch a successful campaign. It’s hard to budget with all other expenses up. — Joe Dale, Denron Sign Co., Downingtown, PA
  • Not enough time to develop targeted messages. — Doug Wilson, Image360 Columbus-Dublin, Dublin, OH
  • I would be most interested to see how business would be impacted if we increased the marketing budget! — Rochelle Letourneau, Security Signs, Portland, OR

One Quick Question:

Which, if any, marketing tools does your company use? (Check all that apply.)

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