Remotely Switch Lighting Circuits On and Off - From Remote Controller While in the Basket


In addition to signs, we often work on lighting systems that do not have dedicated or easily accessible switches/disconnects.  We find it difficult or time consuming (or need a second person with radio) to turn fixtures on and off while working on them.  I am thinking that there may be a device out there that can be (temporarily) installed on the circuit(s) that can be controlled remotely via a "clicker" or phone app.  

However, there appear to be several things that need to be overcome:

1. easy install and removal so it saves more time than it takes

2. code compliance, safety (locking out?)

3. sizing the device rating correctly to be able to work in most applications (480V, 50Amp, stadium lighting for instance)

4. to be small enough to carry


Anyone ever seen anything like this? 

Are there better workarounds you are aware of?


Thanks for the input.

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